Smart action,
responsible growth.

Sustainable development is part of the social commitment that Meber has taken on since the beginning of its operations. The company bases its development on the ongoing search for the balance between business and its environmental-related issues.


Environmentally friendly practices are featured in the guidelines of SIM (Meber Smart Sustainability) project, which reflects the proactive stance of the company with regard to social and environmental responsibility. The measures range from proper waste treatment and disposal, treatment of gases generated during the production processes, reduction of water consumption, raw materials and power to the implementation of a Cleaner Production methodology. These investments are aimed at minimizing the generation of waste through simple and inexpensive measures, developed based on suggestions given by employees. Learn more:

To the consumer

The company pays careful attention to sustainability aspects all through its entire manufacturing process. Meber extends to consumers the responsibility towards nature offering products that feature the rational use of natural resources in all their stages. For instance, the collections leave the factory with an aerator mechanism, flow control and opening systems that reduce water consumption and waste.

These measures contribute to the conservation and construction of a healthy consumption relationship with the environment. Therefore those who choose Meber products are contributing to the concept of sustainability every time the products are used in their daily lives.

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