Products and processes
with assured quality.

Focused on the art of decorative fixtures for bathrooms, Meber fulfills its mission to meet the needs of decor and comfort with competitive price, ensuring its customers' satisfaction.

Assured competitive advantage

By choosing Meber products, the consumer is provided a number of advantages, including:

  • - Raw Materials: Products made of copper alloy
  • - Design: collections developed with avant-garde design
  • - Diversity: complete collections for bathrooms and kitchens
  • - 10-year warranty
  • - Sustainable products and processes
  • - The company complies with the Brazilian National Standards Organization - ABTN
  • - The company has been qualified by PBQP-H since 1998.


Since 2000 Meber has taken part in the Brazilian Program for Quality and Productivity in Housing. Established by the Federal Government in 1998. This program aims to organize the construction industry around two main issues: improving housing quality and production modernization. PBQP-H’s ultimate goal is to increase competitiveness in the sector, improving the quality of products and services, cost reduction and optimization of public resources.

Meber participates in the Sector-Based Program for Quality Metal Fixtures and Water-Saving Equipment.

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