of tradition and modernity

With a continuous re-invention process, the company has daily renewed its commitment to the pursuit of excellence in developing products and services for more than five decades. Meber Metais S/A, located in Bento Gonçalves - Rio Grande do Sul, applies its expertise of over 50 years focused on continuous improvement, which resulted in its current prominent position nationwide.


Meber manufactures fixtures designed to meet the functional needs of various projects with good taste. It offers a complete range of products for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, including pieces with unique avant-garde design in every new collection. With over five decades of experience, it holds a prominent position – recognized by the market and its partner due to its transparent history, supported by consistent principles:

  • Business: fixtures with design and functionality to decorate living spaces.
  • Mission: to value living spaces and people.
  • Values & Principles - 4Ps Meber:
  • Presence: Being present in all living spaces, markets, channels, seeking to have a prominent leadership position, being recognized, acting as a protagonist.
  • People: Valuing individuals and their comfort, adopting meritocratic practices, recognizing talents, valuing the environment and working conditions, showing respect and ethics in all relationships...
  • Partnership: Working united as a group, seeking reliable partners and building lasting relationships, adhering to commitments, enhancing the sense of teamwork.
  • Proactivity: Taking action, being assertive, not postponing decisions, being proactive and not merely reactive, seeing things through, complying with production and quality standards, providing professional services...

In the vanguard

Experience inspires the creation of new products; tradition challenges evolution. Meber invites its partners to take part in a phase that marks the beginning of a renewal cycle of its business – the opening of operations at the new manufacturing plant. Resulting from a significant investment that combines cutting-edge technology and sustainable processes, the new facility will explore the possibilities to increase its production capacity by 60%. With this investment, Meber has improved its supply capacity seeking to develop its competitiveness and market share nationwide.

With this new plant, but reiterating the principles that helped establish its credibility in the segment, it enhances its talent to surprise and its ability to reinvent its business. Positioning itself at the forefront of the market needs, Meber shares with you the chance to be part of this story.

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